Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to bring with me to the studio session?
  a. Drummers - Your entire drum set, preferably with new heads on the batter sides.
                      - Plenty of extra sticks, and an extra snare head if possible.
                      - Cymbals free from any cracks.
                      - There is also drum equipment available at the studio. Please checkout the equipment list.

  b. Bassists - Your bass, intonated (strobe-tuned) with a fresh set of strings.
                   - At least one set of extra strings, depending on the length of your session and picks if you use them.
                   - (Optional) A bass amp and/or cab.
                   - There is also bass equipment available at the studio. Please checkout the equipment list.

  c. Guitarists - Your guitar, intonated (strobe-tuned) with a fresh set of strings.
                     - At least one set of extra strings, depending on the length of your session and picks.
                     - (Optional) A guitar amp and/or cab.
                     - (Optional) Any effects that you may use.
                     - There is also guitar equipment available at the studio. Please checkout the equipment list.

  d. Vocalists - Your voice, well-rested.
                    - Two copies of your lyrics, with every word printed out, even if it is a duplicate of a previous chorus.
                    - Your favorite beverage. We have several teas and water to choose from if you forget.

  e. Keyboardists - Your keyboard, in good working order.
                          - We have a wide range of virtual instruments available, as well as a MIDI keyboard.

2. How long will it take to record my project?
This is a question that comes up with every project, and unfortunately, there is no set answer. However, there are a few estimates that can be made. Typically, it takes about 10 hours of time for every song in the recording session. With that estimation in mind, a 12-song session, including mixing and mastering, usually takes twelve 10-hour days. This estimate is also based on a 5-piece band recording songs that are approximately 3 to 4 minutes long. If you are a single musician playing acoustic guitar and singing, the session time will be a lot shorter. If you are a 7-piece band, and you have songs that are in the 6 to 7 minute range, your session will take longer.

If you would like a better estimate, let us know the full details of your session, including
a. Number of musicians and instrumentation
b. Approximate length of songs
c. Details like amount of backing vocals and guitar solos, or any other pertinent information.

3. Besides the hourly fee, what other charges might I expect at the end of my session?
The simple answer for this question is NONE. We pride ourselves in trying to let our clients know, up front, how much their session total will be. We don't have any charges for hard drive usage, CDs, or administrative fees. We even offer a full complement of equipment to use FREE of charge.

4. What is Mastering and Stem Mastering?
Mastering is a process of preparing audio from a final mix and making a source from where it can be duplicated, pressed, or replicated. Mastering requires critical listening and relies heavily on accurate studio monitors as well as the engineer's use of corrective equalization and dynamic enhancement to improve upon the sound translation on all playback systems.
Most mastering is done from a stereo or surround mix. However, if an engineer is supplied stems, it can aid in the process. Stems are separate audio feeds that are supplied by the final mix engineer. After a mix is agreed upon, the engineer bounces down separate mono and stereo audio files for each piece of instrumentation. For example, a mastering engineer will receive a file for drums, another for bass, guitars, vocals, and so on, for a total of 4 or more files, instead of the typical 1 that is used in stereo mastering.

5. What are the hours of the studio?
The studio is available between the hours of 9AM and 10PM, 7 days a week. A typical "full 10-hour day" starts at 10am and lasts till about 9 or 10PM. We estimate that we can get 10 hours of real work done within that time, as well as lunch and dinner breaks.

6. Is smoking allowed in the studio?
We are happy to say that our studio has been smoke-free since the day it opened, however, there is a nice patio with furniture and an umbrella where clients can relax, get some fresh air, or have a smoke.

7. Are food and drink allowed in the studio?
Yes, and we even have a refrigerator to keep your favorite beverages cold, as well as a microwave for those quick, hot snacks.

8. When is payment due?
We request a 50% deposit at least 2 months before the first day of the session. Usually, the last 50% is not due until the entire session is complete. If the session is being spread out over several months, we request that the payment is kept current throughout the session. Deposits can be made in person with cash or check, or by using our Paypal account. Please confirm the amount with us before remitting.

9. What is the cancellation policy?
We understand that situations arise where you cannot make your session. We try to accommodate as much as we can. If you cancel 2 months before the first day of your session, or earlier, we will refund your entire deposit.  If you cancel 1 month to 2 months, we will refund half of your deposit. If you cancel less than 1 month before the first day of your session, or later, you will forfeit your deposit. However, if you reschedule your dates within the next 2 months, we will apply 50% of your cancellation fee towards your rescheduled session. Any cancellation of a rescheduled session will forfeit your deposit.