Choir and Orchestral Recording

The Bombshelter offers on-location recording services for Choirs, Orchestras, and other types of traditional ensembles.

Starting out with the famed Decca Tree, 3 microphones (or 5 for surround mixes) are used to capture both the instrumentation/voices as well as the natural reverberation of your chosen location.  In addition to the Decca Tree, we also spot mic each specific section of the orchestra, and any soloists, in order to bolster those instruments in the mix, when needed.

Our mobile rig, centered around a RME Fireface UFX, meets all requirements for checked baggage on airlines, so any location in the world is possible. We will supply all of our own microphones, or use the microphones at the location, if available. We can record up to 28 tracks simultaneously at sampling rates and bit depths up to 96Khz and 24-bit, respectively. Our rig also has a built-in back-up, so if an unforeseen occurrence arises, you can be assured that you will not lose any of your performance.

If video services are needed for a live performance, we have partnerships with several other companies in order to accommodate your request.  Please contact us for details and estimates on any of our video services.


Live Performance recordings                  Starting at $800, plus mixing charges.

For recordings in different states or countries, travel expenses will be added to the total fee. 

Deposits are required for all mobile recordings. Please contact us for complete details.