Music Composition

Our music composition service consists of two distinct parts. The first part is useful to bands who just lost a member, but do not want to incur any downtime in their rehearsals. For example, perhaps you just parted ways with your drummer, but you still want to keep your weekly practice schedule while you are looking for a replacement. You can send us a simple recording of your band, and we can program an entire drum track that sounds realistic and will allow you to keep rehearsing.

This service can be taken a step further; you might be very confident in writing lyrics, melodies, and keyboards, but you don't have the knowledge or experience in writing guitar, bass, and drum parts. You feel that your music will not be complete unless you have these other elements. We can fill in those parts with tasteful and catchy parts, that are professionally recorded, in order to bring new life to your songs.

Dan Precision has been writing music since 1992. His most famous works are represented in recordings by the bands he was in:    Rise Against, 88 Fingers Louie, Soulscape, Break the Silence, and others. Beyond that, he was written classical style works, including piano, orchestral, and synth-driven pieces.


Reparation by 88 FINGERS LOUIE from Kid Dynamite Split
The Art of Losing by RISE AGAINST from The Unraveling
Oceans Away by BREAK THE SILENCE from Near Life Experience
The Crossing by SOULSCAPE from Grave New World
Discovery, Departure, Defeat by DAN PRECISION

Song composition rates are dependent on the specifics of the request. Please contact us if we may be of assistance.